My secret weapon – Real Aloe Juice.

It’s no secret that aloe heals so why not try it on your stomach? If anyone has Acid Reflux / Gastritis / GERD this is a must to try. I’ve been drinking aloe juice for several months now – it’s doing wonders.

I’ve only found one kind of aloe juice however that I enjoy and that I feel works great for me. It’s this Real Aloe Juice made in Carlsbad, CA. You can get this at most Whole Foods but I’ve found it’s easier just to order it online because it’s hit or miss if it’s on the shelves in stores (it’s pretty popular these days).

It’s about $10 a bottle but it goes a long ways. I typically get 2 at a time and it lasts me a good 1 – 2 months.

How you drink it varies. Back when I was hurting a lot with my Acid Reflux / Gastritis / GERD I would put a good shot of this in pretty much every cup of water I drank that day. Now, it’s maybe twice a day and usually I just shoot it back as a shot.

Curious to what some benefits are from drinking aloe? Here are a few:

  • it improves your digestive system
  • great for anti-oxidants
  • if you take vitamins, prescription drugs, or and type of pill it actually helps absorb the supplements to assure a stronger benefit
  • if you have Acid Reflux / Gastritis / GERD it reduces and calms inflammation!
Go ahead, give it a shot and for starters, just splash in a shot or two in a tall glass of water. I keep telling my wife it taste like the ice in those slushies we use to drink as kids. I think I’m the only one that thinks that though, ha.

*Warning* Be careful which aloe juice you buy. Most do have citric acid in them but some are stronger than others. I’ve found that Real Aloe Juice is less acidic than the others so I’m sticking with it. It’s the only kind I’ve been using consistently.