How to stick to your diet when traveling and/or snowboarding.

Man, it would be nice to be able to pack an acai bowl in my pocket but unfortunately that wouldn’t be all that comfortable while snowboarding. Although, next time I’m actually taking a wheat grass shot or two in a plastic bottle.

A buddy of mine and I went to Tahoe for 2 days last week on a snowboarding trip at Heavenly. Haha, and as you can tell from that video I’m a newb snowboarder. But anyways, since I’ve been to Tahoe a few times before, I know that there isn’t much of my favorite foods there like the granola I eat or my Sambazon acai. So, I packed my own. You probably won’t have bowls in your hotel room so think about that as well and plan ahead. I was lucky enough my wife aloud me to buy these two plastic cups from Stanley that was made for traveling which were nothing but perfection. Oh, and a spoon or two. If you don’t have anything like that you can always use the little plastic cups the hotel usually provides for coffee and just jam it full with organic peanut butter and granola. Maybe then just sip on the acai straight out of the bottle.

I also knew the food on the mountain was going to be super duper expensive. On top of that, I knew I was going to be burning tons and tons of energy / calories so I need to eat a big powerful breakfast which is exactly what my peanut butter and granola meal is. I downed that in the morning around 8:10AM while taking some swigs of the acai. Then right before I headed out at 8:30AM, I took a mega wheat grass shot.

Still, after all that hard work of snowboarding I wasn’t a bit hungry until 12:30 – 1:00PM. Crazy train. I knew I needed to eat something at least though because there wouldn’t be another chance until after 5:00ish. We went in to the Tamarack Lodge right by the gondola at Heavenly and I got a small cup of Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal and poured Strawberry Banana Naked juice in it. Boom, that was my power meal that got me through the next 4 hours of beatings. Trust me, it was hard to only get that. The lodge was filled with smoked BBQ, pizza, burgers, you name it…it was all there. Ugh, and garlic fries. I stuck to it though and really enjoyed my meal. Plus, I don’t see how anyone can eat something like a mega BBQ sandwich and fries then go shred the mountain. Just doesn’t sound smart.

For dinner, believe it or not I was too tired to even make something as simple as the acai bowl or a granola cup so I sacrificed a bit and headed over to Subway (ugh, I know) and ordered simply a turkey sub on toasted whole wheat bread, spinach and that’s it. Nothing else was on the sandwich. I actually got a foot long and it was only $5. Only ate half though. I didn’t want that to be a big meal. A couple hours later I ate a tiny cup of granola and peanut butter again.

I downed at least 8 bottles of water that day.

It’s not always easy to stick to your diet. I’m no fan of planning ahead but sometimes in cases like this you need to in order to stick to your diet. There’s never a good time to splurge on anything different, so don’t let traveling be an excuse. It’s no excuse because there are good alternatives all around you. Stick to it.