Wait for it…wait for it…voilà, I’m back!

As bad as I wanted to keep writing blog posts my injured hand just wouldn’t allow. On the bright side I discovered a new acai cafe in San Francisco!Sorry about that everyone. To be honest it was near impossible to type anything longer than a sentence there for the past few months. I messed up my right hand pretty bad in a snowboarding accident. That’s what happens when you pretend you are in the X-Games. However, now I’m cast free thanks to the ok from my doctor and I’m back in action. First thing’s first, I’m feeling great and still rocking the acai bowls everyday. Loving my diet and hearing tremendous things from all of you and your progressions!

As for me, a couple months ago I was at my all time low in weight. Weighing in at around 146 lbs. That’s pretty skinny for a 6ft dude, ya know. I blame it on the concussion I suffered from surfing since I lost some appetite after that. Then the snowboarding injury didn’t help much either. However, to counter act that I started to add more protein to my acai bowls and I’m now back to a steady 165 – 170 range. I haven’t yet found a specific protein I’m sticking with. I’ve tried several different types which I’ll write about shortly.

I just wanted to update you all and let you know I’m back and ready to write!

Also, I discovered a new acai cafe in San Francisco near the Embarcadero called Blue Hawaii. Now, they don’t serve Sambazon Acai unfortunately but it’s still a great place to grab a bowl on the go. They also give you the option to add things like extra peanut butter or protein. Def check it out if you are around that area. A large bowl will run you about $12 with the added ingredients.

Also also, my Acid Reflux / Gastritis / GERD is at it’s all-time most calmed thanks to this diet. Ahhh, feels great.