Dude, how did you stop drinking coffee?

Great question. This was really hard for me to do since I was easily drinking 2-5 cups a day of black coffee for a few years now. I use to live/work above a Starbucks for 2 years also, haha so that didn’t help. My solution, for a week I went to decaf coffee. I bought the most expensive brand there was in stores (illy’s) and mentally started to note that I’m doing nothing but poisening my body and I’m not even benefiting from this caffiene which will crash in t-minus 30 minutes. Long story short, I started to “smell” the coffee. Did you know, some studies show that smelling coffee actually has more benefits that drinking it? Some studies even show that the addiction isn’t the drink, but the smell.

To help, I would brew a tiny cup and just put it under my nose for a few minutes until it cooled down. If I was headed out in the morning somewhere I’d just let the aroma fill my Jeep. You’ll be amazed at how well this works. I’ve yet to take a sip of coffee.